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Whiskey is amazing! So delicious. And a cold whiskey is like a Scotsman’s dream come true. The only problem with putting ice in your whiskey to cool it down is that when the ice melts it dilutes the whiskey. And not only that, sometimes some of the whiskey gets trapped on the bottom side of the ice-cube, making it necessary to suck on the cubes to get the last, delectable drops of whiskey into your system. This is not cool! (I mean, the ice is cool, but sucking on ice is not cool!)

Enter Whiskey Wedge. Stand back and be amazed. Whiskey wedge comes with a beautiful whiskey glass, and a special wedge. Fill the glass half full with water (the main ingredient of ice), insert the wedge, and place the whole thing into the freezer. The wedge forces the ice to form in a wedge-shape along one side of the glass. Now add whiskey!

More of your whiskey is in contact with the ice, cooling it quicker, and creating less dilution. That means, colder whiskey, and at full strength. Also it looks epic.


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