The Faceless Watch

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The best part about a watch is the strap. The worst part about a watch is that actual watch, especially the face. Who wants a face on your arm? That’s weird! A face should be on your head!

The Faceless Watch is the perfect watch for someone who wants to wear a strap but not a watch, but still wants a watch! Because with The Faceless Watch, the strap is the watch! (The watch is also the strap!)

The digital time readout appears right on the strap, integrated between the links of the strap. Large digits make reading the time on your Faceless Watch easy and convenient. Now you can know the time, wear a strap, and not have to wear a watch, while wearing a watch all at the same time, by wearing a strap! Black in colour with blue LED readout. Isn’t it about time you got yourself The Faceless Watch?


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