Pooleaf Pen

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Oh? Is that just a pot of grass sitting on your desk? How lovely! You have such good taste! So beautiful. Wait! What are you doing? Why are you grabbing one of the blades of grass? What?!!! It’s a pen?!

The above dialogue will become a familiar part of your life once you make the decision to purchase Pooleaf Pens. Friends and family will be amazed at how epically awesome you are. Not only is it a pen, it’s art. That’s epic!

Shaped like pooleafs, which have nothing to do with poo, and not a lot to do with leafs! These stylish pens look like large blades of grass, but are actually full functioning pens!

Made of green silicon, they come in a package of 12. Each pen writes with black ink. These are high quality pens. The quality of the handwriting is up to you! Makes a perfect gift for someone who wants 12 pens, or twelve perfect gifts for people who only want one pen.


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