Nail Polish Holder

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Doing your own nails can be a real pain, mostly because you need your hands to do the work, and you also need your hands to do the work on! If only you had a third hand. Mutation will likely make this a reality one day, but until then the Wearable Nail Polish Holder is the next best thing.

Wear the nail polish holder on your hand like the engagement ring that you never got. Place a bottle of nail polish into the holder and suddenly paining your nails is fun again. The bottle is easily in reach, and held in place while your other hand does the painting. When it comes time to paint the nails on the second hand, simply switch the nail polish holder over to the other hand. When both hands are done, you can stop painting!

The Wearable Nail Polish holder is comfortable to wear, and most nail polish bottles will fit inside easily. Will save you so much money on not going to the nail salon, that you will have extra money to buy more nail polish!


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