Giant Pizza Float

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Italians would like you to believe that they invented the pizza, but the truth is that it is likely a Greek invention. Pita bread with toppings added! Pita… pizza…. See how that works?!

But even if the Greeks did invent it, it was the Italians that realized that it is all about the toppings! And what would be a better topping than the most incredible thing in the world? And what is the most incredible thing in the world? You, of course!!

With Giant Pizza Float you can be the cheesy topping that you have always wanted to be by hopping onto this inflatable pool float. Imagine yourself floating the summer away onboard a giant slice of pizza? This is the thick crust pizza! The real deal! The edge crust provides a headrest, while the rest of the wedge allows you to lie out flat, and bake yourself into a delicious summer-time treat! This is epic!


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