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Inflatable Donut Swimming Ring. Nothing says lazy days of summer like floating around in your pool on an inflatable ring, eating donuts. But who has time to get donuts when there is all that floating to do? You already have enough to do with inflating the inflatable ring! When will the chores ever stop?!!!!

Relax. Now there is no need to go out to get donuts. This Inflatable Donut Swimming Ring is designed to look like an actual donut, but way bigger. Of course you can’t eat the ring, and even if you could, you don’t have time, what with all that floating to do. Fortunately this ring comes pre-bitten, with one giant bite already eaten for you.

Save time and money on donuts, eating, and swimming (because when floating no real swimming is required). Each second you spend floating is like money in the bank. Float all summer and you may never have to work again!

Take your laziness to epic levels. Pink glazed and covered in sprinkles, it makes poor eating and inactivity cool again! Buy 12 and really impress the entire neighbourhood!


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