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Blow-drying your hair, using a curling iron, or struggling with a straightener are typical ways to dry and style your hair, but there are some serious problems with each of those. Blow-drying makes your hair a ridiculous tangled mess. Curling it is fine if you want it curled, but what if you don’t. And a straightener is lame-o!

Problem solved, and tragedy averted. The electric brush is your saviour. It’s a brush combined with an electric heating element to dry your hair. Brush the tangles away while you dry your hair into the most beautiful hairdo you have ever created. You will look better than you ever have before. Friends and family will comment on how good your hair looks. You will probably get a raise and/or a promotion, and you will be able to trade up to a richer, better-in-shape boyfriend. Of course none of that is guaranteed.

It will also dry your hair.


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