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Turn waking up into a heavenly experience with Cloud Alarm Clock. This fully functioning digital clock is custom designed to resemble a cloud from your favourite cartoon or children’s drawing. Smooth and curvy, like a nice warm cup of coffee, the design adds a bit of fun to your bedside table. Waking up to go to work will become a pleasure. Getting up early to take the kids to school will become a delight. Waking up to find your date from last night is still here will still be a nightmare… but look at how cool your alarm clock is!

The large display numbers make it easy to see without your glasses and with eyes full of that weird crusty stuff that builds up on your eyelashes while you sleep. Also includes the date, so you will know if you have slept for days or not. The digital readout means no more time wasted learning how to read a regular clock with hands. Use that extra time for more sleeping!

The alarm can be set to any time, except the past.


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