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The Card-Shaped Razor & Mirror Set. Traveling around means you sometimes have to leave things behind at home. With a smart phone you get to take your work with you everywhere, along with all your photos, all your music, and instant access to all your friends. What a smart phone doesn’t do for you is help you shave!

Until as recently as yesterday the only way to get rid of body and facial hair was to wait until you got home so you could grab your razor. But now you can carry your razor with you wherever you go. Carzor is a razor/mirror combination set that fits together and takes up no more room than a credit-card. Carry your razor in your wallet or purse.

No more waiting. Shave now! Great for getting rid of hair in a hurry like for a surprise job interview, an impromptu bikini party, or for when you weren’t planning on sleeping with your dinner companion on the first date.


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