Baby Shampoo Cap

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If you don’t already have a baby, you are going to want one so you will have something to put the Baby Shampoo Cap on. It’s adorable!

Shampooing a baby can be difficult, and that is why it is no longer an Olympic sport. There are lots of things to keep track of while shampooing a baby, and the baby is no help! He or she will be more focused on being cute, and will likely offer no assistance! You have to keep the shampoo out of the baby’s eyes, while at the same time, remembering not to drop the baby.

But Baby Shampoo Cap can help. Fits on the baby’s head like a visor, providing a water channelling brim that keeps shampoey water out of the baby’s face, while providing full access to the top of their delightful, tiny head. Shampoo the baby’s noggin without worrying about getting soap in their eyes. The baby will love you for it, even though it is unlikely the baby will have any memory of it later in life.


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