3D Printer Pen

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Drawing in two dimensions is quickly becoming flat and old-school. Sure you can go in any direction on a piece of paper, but what about all that wasted space above your paper? 3D Printer Pen allows you to draw in 3 dimensions! Draw on any surface, like a regular sheet of paper, and then, whenever you want, draw up into the space ABOVE the paper! Yes, that is right, draw up! The “ink” in this pen is a special polymer filament that allows you to draw lines straight into thin air. Instantly your line hardens into a solid. You can actually draw three-dimensional objects, and the surreal part about it: the moment you draw them, they become actual objects and drawings at the same time!

This has to been seen to be believed, believe me! See! Be the first to master this new art form. Take your drawing off the page and into the third dimension.

Filaments are available in a variety of colours.


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